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Creating Virtual Machines with Virsh

Some of you out there will have worked with KVM/QEMU. Because of this, fewer of you might have worked with a program called Virtual Machine Manager (virt-manager) which is great for managing and creating virtual machines… locally. Where Virtual Machine Manager … Continue reading

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An Introduction to systemd

 What is systemd? Systemd (Stylized ‘systemd’) is process one on Linux distributions that have selected it as their default init system. It is designed specifically with the Linux kernel API in mind. Being a replacement for SysVinit (the previous init system … Continue reading

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HOWTO compile and install DAHDI 2.3 with OSLEC enabled

One common issue that persists through all telecoms related business is echo. In the early days of the telephone, telecoms companies spent a lot of money going to great lengths trying to find a solution to the problem which occurred … Continue reading

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