*CS: An Asterisk Call Server for business

Since 2006, DMC have been providing Asterisk based telephone systems to businesses of all shapes and sizes across the United Kingdom and European Union.

Over the last 2 years, we have developed *CS, a complete business telephone system that comprises an optimised Web GUI (Graphical User Interface) and dialplan.

The *CS dialplan embraces the best features of the Asterisk open source PBX and other complementary tools and technologies. The simplified multi-role GUI allows system administrators, supervisors and end-users to easily configure and manage the system and access call details and recordings.

A suite of CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) software tools enhance the solution further making *CS a complete telephone system for the SoHo, SME and Enterprise market.

Fully featured PBX

*CS is a fully featured PBX system that is not limited by user or line licences. The following features are available as standard;

  • ACD (Automatic Call Distribution)
  • Call Queues and Ring Groups
  • Caller Display / Alpha tagging
  • Music or Information-on-hold
  • Call Recording
  • Live call monitoring or snooping
  • Voice Mail
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Responders)
  • Conference Bridging

Lines and Numbers

* CS can connect to any type of Trunk Line whether it’s POTS, ISDN, VoIP, GSM or even Skype. Least Cost Routing ensures that outbound calls are routed over the lowest cost trunk line (e.g. international calls over VoIP, mobile calls over GSM).

We can provide Telephone Numbers for any geographic area code and non-georaphic and toll-free numbers. Numbers may be Ported from BT or Virgin Media to a VoIP service provider if your business moves away for the local exchange or simply wants to benefit from lower cost line rentals.

DDI numbers may be configured to route calls directly to Agent’s desk phones or to different Ring Groups and Queues.

Hot desking

Users may log in to any telephone handset or softphone with their unique extension number and secret PIN. Their incoming direct calls, voicemail and calls to queues or ring groups that they are a member of, will follow them wherever they are.

Call detail records (CDR’s) for calls they make or receive are attributed to their user account regardless of the telephone handset they are logged into.

Daily stats report

A comprehensive daily report of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and usage statistics may be e-mailed to an administrator or manager.

Call recording and playback

All calls or calls from selected agents may be recorded on the server. An intuitive click-to-listen feature allows users to find personal call recordings through their web browser and play them back on their telephone handset.

Supervisors may be given extended access to this feature so they are able to review call recordings from a group of users.

Users and Supervisors may add notes and tags to call recordings so they may be easily retrieved at a later date.

Supervisor module

Supervisors may listen in, undetected, to live telephone calls from the GUI. A Whisper mode allows supervisors to whisper instructions or hints to an Agent as they handle a call. This feature is ideal for training new telephone operators.

Advanced management

*CS includes an optimised GUI for User, endpoint and queue management including the following features;

  • Bulk update of users, queues, incoming numbers and SIP accounts.
  • Check Queue / Ring group membership from the User profile page and dynamically add users to queues.
  • Endpoint Manager with customisable templates.

Contacts database

*CS can automatically log every number that called or was called to a central contacts database. The numbers may then be associated with a contact name, company name or third party data source so next time they call relevant information about the caller may be displayed on the telephone screen.

From the contacts database, numbers may be blacklisted or given higher or lower priority in the call queues.

The contacts database may also be used for click2dial.

Scalability and High Availability

*CS is available as an onsite PBX system or as a hosted service. The entire solution is scalable and will grow or shrink as your business changes.

Resillience and Redundancy may be built into the system to ensure a High Availablility service.

Further Information

For further information about *CS, please call 0161 850 4001 or e-mail sales at dmcip.com.

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